New At BRUTAL TOPS: Master Toby & Elliot

Posted on March 9, 2014 by Guys Pissing 4U

pathetic sub Elliot has been one of Master Toby's bitches for the last two weeks. Master Toby has a reputation for being particularly strict and sadistic at all times and has been out working and then chilling with his work mates. They are highly paid & quite well known sportsmen. The sub has been locked in chastity and chained completely naked to a urinal in the basement bathroom of Toby's house. The sub hears Toby's car pull up and then the front door opens. The sub sits up expectantly in time for when the door to the bathroom opens! Toby means business as soon as he returns and picks up a riding crop to start thrashing the quivering sub. It's obvious that the Master means business and wants to dole out some serious damage to the shackled sub. The Master gobs in the sub's mouth, unchains him and pulls the sub around to make him lick the spit from the urinal and from the Master's boots. Toby finds a big dildo which he demands the sub suck on. Toby sticks it on the floor and Elliott must sit on it, sliding his loose ass up and down the length of it at!

Master Toby & Elliot video preview from!

New At WURST FILM CLUB: Heiko (WFC), Jerkgay Berlin, Ronny (WFC)

Posted on March 9, 2014 by Guys Pissing 4U

A deserted cruising block on an island becomes the place of an intense fuck. Heiko has to go but he doesn't do it outside in the dunes. He walks into the toilet and leather champ Jerkgay waits with his gigantic dicks for his next victim. Without any hesitation he fucks the tight hole of the unexpected guest. Heiko's friend waits outside getting impatient. Without a clue he enters and is nailed hard and wild by our merciless leather hunk at!

Heiko (WFC), Jerkgay Berlin, Ronny (WFC) video preview from!

New At IRON LOCKUP: Sir Pan Pees On Prisoner #08022013

Posted on March 9, 2014 by Guys Pissing 4U

In the most recent installment of "The Adventures of MegaBitch" we find our hero strapped to the unforgiving cold steel remains of a once comfortable chair. Will his testicles survive Sir's beatings or will our hero end up pissing himself? The villain gives our hero a chance to reprieve himself but will the pressure be too much? at!

#08022013 & Sir Pan video preview from!

New At BOYS-PISSING: Drac & Damon Archer

Posted on March 4, 2014 by Guys Pissing 4U

Straight thug skaterboy Drac sprays his chest and abs in hot piss before working on his rock hard dick. After shooting TWO loads, Drac, hoses himself down again! (89 photos) Stunning baby-faced hung twink Damon Archer strips down and unleashes a long hot piss all over himself before working on his horny cock! After he shoots a MASSIVE creamy load all over his hot abs, he washes off his jizz in more piss! (11 minutes) at!

New At ISLAND STUDS: College Jock TROY Cums & Pisses!

Posted on March 4, 2014 by Guys Pissing 4U

Troy - Hung Uncut College Jock Busts a Big Nut UNDERWATER in Hawaii! Troy is a BIG BEEFY, UNCUT 24 year old auto mechanic and part-time tour guide at his uncle's body shop in Honolulu. Standing a towering 6'3" and 215lbs of All-American college jock Troy likes to work on big American muscle trucks and cars. His ripped smooth football player body, beefy white muscle butt and MAN SIZED uncut cock are all on display in his first EXCLUSIVE film for Island Studs! Island Studs' exclusive SPORTS ACTION CAM records every moment of uncut Troy busting a big creamy nut UNDERWATER for the very first time! ALL caught on film! As Troy strips out of his basket ball shorts, he immediately starts to rub and fondle his cock THROUGH his tight underwear! Watch Troy pull out his BIG FAT throbbing UNCUT COCK and begin stroking it as his BIG HEAVY BALLS hang out of his sexy red undies. Our cameras LOVE this solid, well build, horny exhibitionist and his ripped bulging muscles and delicious thick footballer bubble butt! Foreskin lovers will appreciate muscle mechanic Troy enjoying playing with his ample, All American foreskin throughout this intimate photo shoot! He just LOVES tugging on his uncut dick, pulling the skin over his thick mushroom dick head! Watch this sexy football jock pick up a set of dumbbells and begin PUMPING IRON with a FULL ERECTION outdoors in the sun! Attention Piss Lovers: Troy takes x2 LONG golden showers in the garden while he works outside! Big dick Troy is just full of pee in this film at!

College jock TROY cumming and pissing video preview from!

New At ERIC DEMAN: Pissing in The Bushes

Posted on March 4, 2014 by Guys Pissing 4U

Real mean caught on camera taking a piss leak in the roadside bushes and trees at!

New At GAY ASIAN PISS: Lots Of Piss To Drink

Posted on March 2, 2014 by Guys Pissing 4U

Johnson lowers himself onto Thomas' shaft, and bounces up and down on the hard cock. Thomas loves to bareback, but he needs to piss. Johnson opens his mouth and swallows as much of the delicious gay Asian piss as he can. There is such a stream that Johnson's smooth body is covered in the stinky liquid. The watersports makes the twinks feel horny, and Thomas stands behind his friend and drives his dick hard and deep into the tight hole for a hot fuck at!

New At BULLDOG PIT: Kayden Gray Up Close Piss Video

Posted on March 2, 2014 by Guys Pissing 4U

Lighting a cigarette and leaning back on the roof, having escaped the clutches of the games room Kayden thinks about what could have happened, and soon regrets getting out. His balls are giant dick are starting to feel heavy at the thought of being to subjected to Ashley's demands. Having a quick piss as he takes his last drag on his cigarette, we see his shaft visibly bigger, thicker and juicer, damn hot when dripping with piss. As it's already out of his sweatpants, he continues his sordid thoughts at what goes on downstairs and strokes his even bigger slab of meat, getting fatter and fuller with each stroke. Given great close-ups of every moment of action, Kayden's dick is slamming in our faces, as he peels off his sports gear, showing a slightly hairy body, buff pecs and abs fitting perfectly with his huge dick. Leaning between the rooftops of London, he works his meat harder and faster until we can see he's ready to shoot, his body tensing, his muscled body bulging and shafting twitching on its own accord. The jets of spunk falling onto the camera from above, we see Kayden climax and the spunk stream from him as he then flips it back inside and continues his escape at!

Kayden Gray pissing in an alley and jerking off his huge uncut cock video preview from! (watch Kayden pissing from :57 - 1:31)


Posted on March 2, 2014 by Guys Pissing 4U

Steven makes an extra money in summer as a personal trainer. This time his client is David, a posh brat who needs to be put in his place. Enjoy while he piss on David flexing and treat him like a real dog. About Steven: This bull makes the jump to the porn with Hardkinks. When we saw Steven F in action we could not resist him. Hard, hot, demanding, and with an trespassing barriers attitude. If he seems big on camera you should see him in person… About David: Some people says those with good guy faces are the evilest, and with David Ride we confirmed that. Don’t be fooled by its good kid appearance, inside hides a horny and insatiable beast. Any dom can put him in place? Check it on his movies!

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