Posted on 4/25/2013 by Guys Pissing 4U

Sexy buff bad boy Lex is back soaking his six pack in his hot piss and stroking his hard straightboy cock at!


Posted on 4/25/2013 by Guys Pissing 4U

An insatiable dildo pig is worked over by two tops who also fill his mouth with their hot liquids. He is then gets to piss in a cup and drink it at!

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DICK WADD TV's "Breeding Sessions 1" (Part One)

Posted on 4/25/2013 by Guys Pissing 4U

What happens when you put 12 horny, hung sex addicts (Lobo Al, Zack Blunt, Marco Cruise, Remy Marchand, Chris Neal, Dakota Phillips, Nick Roberts, Ross Scott, Thomas Steel, Colin Steele, Jake Wetmore, and Ross X) in the same room? A Breeding Session breaks out! These studs take turns filling each other's holes with cum and quenching their thirst with hot piss. The cast gets into some ass stretching dildo play, and a fist or two is added to Chris Neal's hungry hole, just to satisfy the group's lust for getting that man seed from every pig in the room. Take a 2-hour barebacking, piss filled ride with Dick Wadd and see some Big Wet Cocks Unloading in "BREEDING SESSIONS" at www.DickWadd.TV!

"BREEDING SESSIONS 1" tube video preview from www.DickWadd.TV!

New At AMATEUR BOY PISSING: Nude Bowl Peeing From Uncut Cock

Posted on 4/23/2013 by Guys Pissing 4U

Naked lad Bradley peeing into a glass bowl while at the doctor's office. Follow never before filmed twinkies on their journeys into the land of pee pee games. Plunge into delicious amateur action right here, right now! You don’t wanna miss it at!

TON ONLINE: Bradley's Ass

Posted on 4/23/2013 by Guys Pissing 4U

BADBOY TON whips and spanks Bradley's naked butt at!

CRAZY FEMALE DOCTORS Examine Wes With Anal Probe & Urine Sample

Posted on 4/23/2013 by Guys Pissing 4U

After Denny has his exam it’s time for Wes to go up and have the nurse’s check out his fine body. He really enjoyed watching Denny, and he hopes Denny will enjoy seeing his naked body as it gets ran through all these tests. The physical seemed to be the same as his friend Denny’s so he just relaxed and enjoyed having someone touch his body as Denny watched. He grinned and when they started to measure his cock he gave Denny a knowing look. He gave a urine sample and turned around wiggling his ass a bit teasing Denny and giving the girls a chuckle. They told him to stop wiggling, and when he did they tested his ass probing and using the rectal probe. That stung a bit, but he kept his mind focused on Denny and it didn’t feel as bad as he thought it would. When he turned around again and the nurses began to fondle his dick and write down the measurements he winked at Denny. He knew he’d be jerking his cock off into a cup and he couldn’t wait. They handed him the cup and he grabbed his cock and began to stroke that beef until he was moaning and jerking his hand. As he exploded his load into the cup, he was hoping that Denny got the idea and that he would go home with him after the exams were over. Denny smiled and Wes knew they would be going home together at!

New At BOY ENEMA: Alejandro's Douche

Posted on 4/23/2013 by Guys Pissing 4U

Cute young Alejandro douches out his tight bumhole at!


Posted on 4/23/2013 by Guys Pissing 4U

BADBOY TON enjoys a day at the lake wearing only his shorts and Quiksilver sandals at!

Real Fratboys Pissing Outside Together At Night!

Posted on 4/21/2013 by Guys Pissing 4U

Horny young university lads found on the internet peeing together outside during the dark night!


Posted on 4/21/2013 by Guys Pissing 4U

a dirty punter books a session with skinhead Master Derek. The handsome intimidating top treats his sub like a dog, mercilessly beating, punching, kicking, gobbing on and using him as his urinal. The strong Masters demand service, their boots worshiped and they demand to have their dirty sweaty assholes rimmed. Every mistake is rewarded with gob and even more cruel torments. Made to suck their cocks to full erections, the Tops use them as cruel weapons, first Toby then Derek relentlessly gag and choke the punter on their thick hard pricks at!


New At BOYS PISSING: Jimmy Roman & Patrick Kennedy Pee Fuck

Posted on 4/21/2013 by Guys Pissing 4U

Piss loving Jimmy Roman is back chugging Patrick Kennedy's hot piss straight from his cock! After he drinks up, Jimmy sucks Patricks boner, gets his ass eaten and pissed on and then he gets fucked deep! After Patrick unloads all over Jimmys bubble butt, he pisses his cum off at!

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New At RAW & ROUGH: Hogan Gets Plowed

Posted on 4/21/2013 by Guys Pissing 4U

Cope is sittin' on the toilet jackin' off when in walks Jason, all bug eyed, lookin' at Cope's thick, hard fuckin' man meat. Cope calls the pig over to the toilet and pushes him down on the cock. Jason spits on the meat and starts servicin' it when Nick swaggers in. He's sportin' what Jason wants: a big fuckin' man pole danglin' from a tatted, hairy, hunk o' daddy. Jason looks up and gets a huge piss load in the face. He starts lappin' at the stream like he never had a drink in his friggin' life. Meanwhile, everyone hears moaning in the corner. Of course it's fuckin' Mason, bound to the wall, dumpin' a piss load down Todd's throat. Then Hogan appears on the bench, with big fuckin' cocks danglin' in his lucky face and Jason pissin' all over his chest while Mason works his nips. Hogan's in hog heaven, but hey, that's another video title. Nick starts workin' Hogan's bud with his fingers, then plows the hungry hole while Cope face fucks Hogan. Cope takes over and pounds the livin' hell outa Hogan's open manhole while everyone else is standin' around jackin' and watchin'. Nick hauls out a humongous fuckin' dildo and works Hogan's ass with it as Derek shoots a big, ropey load o' jizz down Hogan's hungry fuckin' pig throat at!

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