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Paul is a sexy straight blue-collar daddy with a creamy WHITE ASS, nice furry chest and hairy arm pits. His rough voice and hands come from years working in a dirty garage underneath cars as the Island's favorite auto mechanic! Paul is a 35 year old working class beauty - a real man's man! His tan line is so sexy: white ass and big white thighs that have never seen the sun! Paul has also never trimmed his dick or body hair. Once our Naked Worker is finished with his chores, he is ready for some jerk off fun on the outdoor balcony! Listening to Paul talk about his girlfriend, an older lady too, while he strokes his hard dick is so HOT! Paul's hard dick and big balls dangle between his legs as he exposes his hole for us all to see. His new found exhibitionist side must really turn Paul on because he cums soon after. What a cum shot too, gushes of thick white cum jump out of Paul's dick and cover the deck between his feet. Paul is the OLDEST and one of our most masculine Island Stud Daddies we have seen at!

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Ken was in his underwear for the start of his examination. The doctor performed seemingly normal tests, until she ordered him to take off the rest of his clothes. Just the thought of being totally naked in front of a female was enough to make Ken feel shy and embarrassed! He followed the female doctors orders and took off his underwear so that she could better exam his body. She started with his penis and ended with closely inspecting the inside of his tight asshole! For Ken, this was a nightmare that was coming true at!

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Italian stallion Luca Bondi, with long thick uncut cock and the body of death, flexes his top muscle and throws Ian Jay into the tub. Luca hoses Ian down, then marches his hungry ass across the room to the sling. Luca delivers a masterful fuck, alternating between slow and sensual and quick and hard pounding. Ian is loving every fucking minute of it, and who wouldn't love a skilled 9" x 7" uncut cock on a muscle stud who knows how to use it? Luca builds up a rhythm and dumps a load into Ian's ass, which Ian pushes out and Luca scoops up with his ample foreskin. Luca then throws Ian back in the tub, pisses the cum and sweat off him, then places him on the bench and fucks him yet again. It doesn't take Ian long to shoot a gigantic load, which he eats. The cumming is contagious and soon Luca jacks another big load onto Ian's ass, then pushes it deep into his guts. The scene ends happily with cum dripping out of Ian's ass and Luca's foreskin at!

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BOY ENEMA's Shower Douche

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