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Three funny guys invite their fellow to bath in their urine! That is only the beginning! At first they will fuck him in his pink anus! Take a look what a pleasure he would receive standing on his knees in the urine and sucking three dicks! Will he enjoy the taste of their male urine at!

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Posted on 2/15/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

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Happy piggies get wet, dirty, cum-covered and bellies full of piss. Derrek Downs and Ethan King, happy little piggies, are all smiles as they enter the piss pit and within seconds, hairy daddy Brad Beckler steps up and washes Derrek down and he can't help himself but to suck the piss right out of Brad's hard cock. Brad’s still-pissing cock gushes off Derek's face and down his torso, wetting his bulging jockstrap and making his cock even harder. Derrek throws his head back when the hung, hot top starts a stream from behind Brad barely empties his gut before Derrek turns to ripped stud Chris Leaper and takes his cock in his mouth and starts the whole process over again. Derrek works the room like this for several minutes, and the pissers get into the groove as, one by one – and in some cases two-by-two step up and take a leak in, on and over Derrek at!

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PISS VIDEO: Red Spider Wet

Posted on 2/14/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

Horny video from Redspider. Redspider gets wet: Not actually a watersports guy but doing this on request of a friend. I don't know if it's my thing. Maybe I need the right man to do it with ;)!

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Posted on 2/14/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

This is one extreme video. A cute young boy and two hot guys who make him drink his piss and shoots loads of cum all over him. Lots of rimming -- nasty guys in "Extreme Jail Bareback". Features: Dick Diggler, Mark Horn and Timohty Cretin. From!

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Nasty boy blue-collar Frankie is back showing off his thick Italian cock and FUCKING himself with a DILDO for the very FIRST TIME! This sexy straight man is a true exhibitionist and loves to show off on camera just like before. Frankie's thick masculine build and natural body hair will appeal to lovers of REAL MEN! This ladies man is NEVER satisfied with just one fuck buddy! Frankie pulls his big fat cock and balls out of his shorts, as if waiting for a BLOW JOB! Frankie just loves showing off for the camera and is jokey and playful throughout this film. In a very funny moment, he considers drinking his piss while he takes a long pee outdoors - all caught on camera at!

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WATCH AND DOWNLOAD THESE 4 FREE WMV VIDEO PREVIEWS of a hunky European guy peeing all over himself while naked in the shower! 4 FREE VIDEOS CLICK HERE!

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Man's Art "Road Work Ahead" featuring Alexandar Checkov, Criss Cross, Kawan Silveira, Kriss Stahl, Paul Bruckner, Philipp Dante, Tomas Dworak. Marcel Bruckmann has hooked-up seven wickedly dirty Euro stud-punk hunks for some amazingly filthy man-on-man raw sex. These sex-a-holics do it all: Fist fucking, pissing, spanking, spitting, verbal humilation, sperm eating, big uncut dicks, hard fucking, deep rimming kissing, sucking, Fingerplay, 2-somes, and 3-somes.

Prime Pork's "Triple F: Fisting Fucking Flogging" Directed by Rick Strauss and Starring Lewis Quintini, Ffangel, Jo'Tey, Bastien, Bob and Rafaelo le Grand. When the party is over, our young bartender is cleaning the bar. He spots two guys who stayed behind and are still playing. This makes him so hot that he steps on the bar and starts playing with himself. The guys come down to leant him a hand and they fist him when stretched out on the bar. They all go upstairs again and continue their play. When Bastien joins in it becomes an orgy of fisting and fucking. Lewis Quintini is taken apart by Jo who ties him up and shows him who's in charge. Lewis has to take a paddle and a flogger before his ass is stuffed with big toys. In the meanwhile some friends have arrived and it all ends in a sleazy orgy with piss play. Lewis and Bob complete this film with a great cum-scene: the spunk is going everywhere.

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New At BRUTAL TOPS: Professor's Biology Lessons

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Master Billy and Master Nick's Biology class is about to get much more interesting. These school bullies grab their teacher and make him take part in a PRACTICAL lesson on bodily fluids. Pushing mr wilkinson onto the floor the bully boys take turns gobbing, snotting and pissing into his mouth, held open by a painful spider-gag, then over his body and face - ordering him to swallow and not to waste a single drop of their precious bodily fluids... Billy rams his dick down the back of student bottom sam's throat and face fucks him, choking the poor fucker in the process. The sub's tight throat has satisfied his Master and Billy pulls out to spurt his jizz into the teacher's face, a fourth bodily fluid delivered just in time for the end of the lesson at!


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For some people, it`s impossible to wrap their minds around the sheer amount of perverse sexual acts happening in male-only gyms. For others, it`s the everyday reality. The dark-haired sweetheart had lost a bet to the gym jocks and there he was, stripped naked and tired to a bench. The first blow came unexpectedly, and the racket sent shivers all through the twink`s lovely body. They used a bunch of rackets and a metal ruler getting this candy of an ass nice, swollen and red. Ashamed and aroused, the boy, weirdly, never regretted that bet at!

BOY ENEMA's Martin In Tub

Posted on 2/11/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

It all started like some pretty usual bathtub play, but this boy had something else on his mind. Shaving! He took the cream and the razor and pretty soon his asshole was smooth as paradise. Feeling the smoothness the boy started getting aroused – well, who wouldn`t. He did such a thorough job! Aroused and willing to get even smoother and cleaner, the boy started pumping his rectum full of water. The discomfort of being full of it was very well balanced by the relief of the discharge. All this playing made his sensitive areas send signals to his brain – and there he was, stroking his cock like crazy at!


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Curly-haired lad's foot bondage by the lake on a warm summer day at!

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Guy gets naked out in the woods to relieve himself of pee and shit. 16 FREE PICTURES CLICK HERE!



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Have you ever driven a car somewhere just to jerk off? Don.t be giving me any bullshit, of course you have. So you know this feeling, right? Being on the go and able to end up just about anywhere, whenever you feel like a wank. My friend gave me this fancy ride and I felt free to stroke my buddy just about anywhere. I thought, why the fuck not, and started doing it right in the middle of nowhere, with cars people buildings etc around. Hope people have seen me jack my beautiful erection and cumming on my perfect stomach at!


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