Posted on 1/31/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

Sometimes peeing can be as funny as it is erotic!

New At AMATEUR BOY PISSING: Toilet Spycam!

Posted on 1/31/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

Believe us, it will surely get wet here! One thing leads to another, and these boys end up rock hard from their pervy pee play. You end up with a stone-stiff boner yourself! The tension gets too serious to be ignored. Watch as our boys will relieve themselves! It's all watersports fun and pee play inside Amateur Boy Pissing. Don't you wanna take a leak with the boys already? We love our twinks sexy, natural, and willing to experiment. We also love our videos full length and in HD. S'pose it's the same with you! Watch horny young lad peeing at!

New Piss DVD: "Drenched in Piss"

Posted on 1/31/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

"Shiny, delicious, glorious piss. These eighteen soaked man pigs Drenched in Piss are ready for warm and wet play! This is hardcore piss-play all the way leading to hung cock sucking, fucking and ropes of thick cum. Satisfy your thirst with Drenched in Piss, the definitive collection of watersports themed movies. The best-of compilation from the wet library of All Worlds Video and Channel 1 Releasing is bound to make your mouth water." Directed by Chi Chi LaRue and featuring Tag Adams, Lucas Knowles, Blu Kennedy, Diesel Washington, Phillip Aubrey, Sledge Sawyer, Zack Jamison, Brad McGuire, Matt Martin, Steve Cassidy, Jason Branch, Alex Wilcox, Jackson Price, Jason Ryder, Kenny Wolfe, Leo Bramm, Marc Hamilton, Steve Pierce. Buy your copy of the 112-minute "Drenched In Piss" DVD at!

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New At DARK CRUISING: "Three Kinky Dudes"

Posted on 1/31/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

This video is gonna make you cum at least ten times before the end of it! A hot kinky threesome with piss, deepthroat action on massive cocks, hard ass-banging and fingering, dildo play and more sucking....When it is over you want it to start all over again! Check this out now at!

DAILY PISS: On Your Knees POV!

Posted on 1/30/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

What a great view! On your knees looking up at nude men pissing!

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New At RAW AND ROUGH: "Meaty Muscle Machinists Part 5"

Posted on 1/30/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

Ray Dalton gets under the rim seat, to feast on Jim Ferro's muscled ass. Jim treats Ray like his personal toilet and floods Ray's mouth with salty man-piss. Boy Fillmore adds his own stream of piss into Ray's open mouth. Ray almost drowns, from this flood of man piss he's fed by these two studs. After the piss wave subsides, Ray gets to work cleaning the piss off Boy's combat boots, then wallows in the huge puddle of piss on the floor, just like the dirty little piss pig that he is. It's Chad Brock's turn to get some attention and the kind of attention he wants is some ass breeding. Matt Sizemore is more than happy to accommodate Chad's greedy hole with his 10 inches of hard meat. He fucks Chad so hard that the work bench that Chad is laying on scoots across the machine shop floor with each thrust. Matt buries fucks the hell out of Chad until he pulls out and shoots a gushing load all over Chad's hard cock. Matt then scoops the cum off of Chad's dick and coats his still hard cock, using his cock to shove that creamy load deep into Chad's well used hole. Ray Dalton has been watching these two pigs' breeding session and wants in on the action. He takes his turn fucking Chad's cum filled ass, shoving Matt's load deeper into Chad's guts. The feeling of another man's hot load dripping out of Chad's ass and onto his dick is more than Ray can handle. Ray shoots his own seed into Chad's ass, adding to the DNA cocktail that Chad's ass wanted so badly. The thought of two huge loads in his ass drives Chad over the edge and he busts his nut all over the machine shop floor at!

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Posted on 1/30/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U


DAILY PISS: Drinking From Pee Boners!

Posted on 1/28/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

Hot juicy piss boners feeding their thirsty subs! Who doesn't want a harder, stiffer cock? Buy affordable generic versions of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra at!

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New At MEN AT PLAY: Golden Payback

Posted on 1/28/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

Golden Payback. In Golden Handshake we saw Damien Crosse use and abuse former employee Alec Hills, but in this sleazy sequel Damien gets a nasty surprise in the form of hot shot lawyer Samson Stone who gives him a taste of his own medicine. Armed with CCTV footage which shows Damien overpowering Alec in the men's bathroom and using him like a human urinal, Samson threatens the arrogant boss with a hefty lawsuit. But when Samson sees for himself the disregard Damian has for other people, he is not satisfied with simply pressing charges and instead decides to turn the tables on him and show him how it feels to be treated like a worthless piece of meat, and have someone piss all over your expensive, tailored suit. A power struggle which turns into a hot and wet, fuck session but as we know Damien always gets what he wants and gains the upper hand over the cocky lawyer, showing him who the real man is at!

Damien Crosse and Samson Stone free tube video preview from!

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Posted on 1/28/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U


DAILY PISS: Just Dicks

Posted on 1/27/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

Mature men's cocks poking out from their pants flys taking a big ol' piss outdoors!

BOYS PEE PEE Young Blond Cowboy Pissed On!

Posted on 1/27/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

This young cowboy is going to taste the real swill! Today enough urine will be dumped in his mouth! After that it will be shaken with dicks right in his mouth! Would it be creamy? In order to complete the recipe it is necessary to add some sperm and these dudes don't have any issues with that at!

Young cowboy drinking piss free preview video from!

New At GAY POPPERS: PWD's New Aroma "Ignite!"

Posted on 1/27/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

PWD has just released a Brand New liquid aroma called IGNITE! A brand new unique formula like no other and is the strongest formula on the market. In true PWD fashion, this one does not disappoint. Packaged in a sleek racing grey and red bottle, complete with flames, just the anticipation of what's inside is almost enough... almost. Ignite Poppers from PWD pack a serious punch, along the lines of Hardware and Quicksilver. They also have a nice, not completely overpowering aroma, and a decent duration to them. We didn't find any bad after-effects from Ignite poppers either, so that's another plus. We definitely recommend checking this one out! Once you give PWD Ignite Poppers a try, be sure to come back and share your experience at!

New At FETISH FORCE: Drew Cutler & Chris Porter

Posted on 1/27/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

Sargeant Drew Cutler is breaking in another soldier in training. He pushes Chris Porter right down to let him know who's in charge. A good subordinate he's goes right to work on Drew's throbbing meat. He pulls the boy off him to ask, "You ready for my piss boy?" as if it's a question! And he drenches the boy where he kneels. Chris is eager to please. It's great sex play lots of verbal coaxing and spit play. Drew again gives his trainee a golden shower all over his tight white ass before he gets down into it face first. It's incredible how he can jet streams of piss with precision like spirts of jizz, some reaching across the room at Chris' head at!

Drew Cutler & Chris Porter free preview video from!

DAILY PISS: Real Guys Peeing On Themselves

Posted on 1/26/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

Amateur guys pissing all over themselves while fully dressed!


Posted on 1/26/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

Swimming all day in the summer lake makes MARTIN have to pee bad, so he pulls down his swimshorts, unleashes his horny uncut penis and enjoys a nice long piss in the water at!

PISS VIDEO: Jeff Palmer Used By Eric Evans and Brad Slater

Posted on 1/26/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

Jeff Palmer is back with us and is worked over by muscle man Eric Evans and streetwise Brad Slater. Jeff takes their spit, piss and cum. He even pisses in his own mouth at!

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BOY ENEMA Dude Gets Diaper Douched With Help From Badboy Ton

Posted on 1/26/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

This boy might look like a tough jock at first sight, but get to know him deeper and you`ll find out he`s a total slut for some kinky humiliation. Taken to the woods and urged to go through some serious enema play he had no idea what else was in store for him that beautiful sunny day. As if loading his tight butt with water until he couldn`t take another drop wasn`t enough! After one particularly large load, his crotch got confined in baby diapers. Right before he was about to gush out another load, the diapers were undone and his boypussy was soiling them harder with every squirt at!


Posted on 1/26/2012 by Guys Pissing 4U

Summer being in its full decadent bloom, the twink`s Top was often taking him into the wild for their sensual explorations, pretty wild as well, as a matter of fact. Orders barked at the boy gave his knees the trembling as he knelt against the small table. First blows of the rod landed on his tight, perfectly shaped ass. Nature was the scene`s only witness as the boy tried to find a safer position for himself - in vain. Touching his ass covered with a galaxy of swollen flesh stripes, he tried to find at least some comfort, but that only made it more unbearable. The harder it got, the more grateful he was, at!


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